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How to enable the logout optionj on access point.

Hi i have an applicaiton  which i am looking from access point,

when i close the applicaiton and  log back in i am able to see the last saved changes.

everytime i need to clear all then log back in, is there way that all the llast saved changes are cleared when an application is closed .

so how to avoid the last saved changes on the access point.

And one more thing how to enable the logout./signout option for the accesspoint..


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Re: How to enable the logout optionj on access point.

To avoid session recovery you can disable that feature in QMC \ System \ Setup \ QlikView Servers \ Documents \  and uncheck "Allow Session Recovery". About the logout I don't know how to enable that, I've also been wondering about it.


Re: How to enable the logout optionj on access point.

Although it's not ideal, if you switch the Web Server to use Forms login then as well as forcing them to login using a webpage they also get a "Sign Out" link.

I say it's not ideal because it also forces them to enter their username using DOMAINNAME\USERNAME format.

Option I'm referring to is in System tab, Setup sub-tab, in the left pane expand QlikView Web Servers and select the web server in question.  On the right pane choose the "Alternate Login Page" or even the "Custom Login Page" if you want to make your own fancy one! 

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