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How to patch SR4 bug 37903 (AJAX QvAjaxGrid.js error) in Server ?


One of the fixed bugs at SR4 Release Notes is related to the AJAX client:

37903     AJAX: Objects don't load and cause script error in IE8 QvAjaxGrid.js error

It is solved at QlikView Client Web View by replacing the SR3 with SR4, but the error still persists when the document is published at Access Point and opened with the AJAX client.

Do you know what is needed to perform at Server to fix this as well as it is fixed in SR4 for Desktop ?

Thank you.



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How to patch SR4 bug 37903 (AJAX QvAjaxGrid.js error) in Server ?


If the bug was in the Server (and so it seems, because of the IE8 and .js in the description) you only need to delete the Server installation, and reinstall the latest version, SR4 of version 10 in this case. Server installer is in the Download page as a different download. If you don't have access to the .exe file, you will have to contact your QlikView partner or sales rep.

That will apply the fix to the Server. If you see that it keeps behaving unexpectedly, contact supportES@qlik.com.

Hope that helps.


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