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How to publish Ajax ZFC page in HTML


I am trying to use AJAX ZFC pages in my own HTML

page but it doesn't work. Can you please send me step by step guide to how

to publish a qlikview object to a HTML web page.

I'm new to this, so if anyone could point me in the righ direction, I'd appreciate it.

I am creating the Ajax code but I can't get my head around as to where to place this code on the server?? We have different mount I guess….

We have it on D drive so I am getting confused as to where to publish it?


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How to publish Ajax ZFC page in HTML


I'm in the same situation like you....but a little bit worst....

I'm very interested in ZFC, but I can't find enough informations (QV server 9)..can you explain me how to create ajax code from a qlikview document? I think there is an automatic process, but I can't understand how?

Thank you!

I follow this thred because of I'm also interested in the your questions... :-)

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