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How to resolve server issues?


Would like to know the best practice in resolving the issues found in Qlikview Server. See the following issues:

  • Sometimes, the reloading of application stops/pauses, and the only way to resolve is just restart the entire server.

          WMC Error Server.PNG

  • Sometimes, the application found in access point is not clickable or cannot open, even I am the administrator. I forgot to get snapshot!

Hope to hear feedback soonest!



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: How to resolve server issues?

If the reload of a qlikview document fails then the first place to look is the log file of that document. That log file can be found in the same place as the .qvw document. It will have the same name with .log appended. If that file does not exist you need to enable the option Generate Logfile on the General tab of the Documents Properties window.

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Re: How to resolve server issues?

Looking at the logs is a good starting point.

You should then also find the document log as well as the task log in the log folder of the distribution service, by default in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService\1\Log\

, grouped by Date and reload task. This will allow you also to check historic performance.

If you think this issue is happening only temporary, I would have a look a the memory and cpu load.

Either by checking both when the issue is present or by setting up performance monitoring to track and log the load and then check if there's some correlation with your problems.

You can run the System Monitor QV application to read all available logs and create some analysis.

QlikView Application: System Monitor v5.1.23

Also try to monitor availability of data sources / network connection as further step.


Re: How to resolve server issues?

What can I add when the two community maestro's have already provided their invaluable wisdom

Could you provde us with some server details? What version of QVS? Are both QVS and QDS running on the same machine? How much RAM is configured in the machine(s) running QVS & QDS? How big is your document?

You seem to reload your document while users are visiting the access point, which could pose a conflict of (RAM) interests if both QVS and QDS run on the same machine...