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How to use IIS as webwerver on a separate server without AD

I have installed QV10 server (Single Machine Install with QWS) on a Windows 2003 server named nt_server3 (no domain) and all works fine

Now I try to install a addtional Webserver on a different windows 2003 server named internet1 (no domain) using support for Microsoft IIS

when I try to access the QV accesspoint I have the message "No Server"

In an additionnal line "click here for possible solutions" it says "Verify that the user account running the QlikViewWebServer service is member of the group "QlikView Administrators" on the machine running QlikView Server."

So I think the problem comes from there but he user account running the QlikViewWebServer service is a local user (internet1/administrator) and of course it doesn't exist in nt_server3 so I can't add it to QlikView Administrators

Is there a solution to make it works excepted to put both servers in the same NT domain ?

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