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IE Security Web Site Zone

Hi Guys,

Maybe someone can give me an idea why I'm experiencing these two kind of different behavior:

On my client site, I have a group of users that belongs to the same domain. But some users cannot successfully open an application through IE PLUGIN if I don't add the QVS server name on the IE security web site. (Ajax client, ok.) And some users can access it perfectly without me adding the QVS server name on the IE security wedsite (Local Intranet or Trusted Sites).

Users access the AccessPoint with the url http://speed/ or https://speed/ which IE will consider to be a Intranet site (no DOT). By the way, speed is the friendly name of the Load Balancer that is pointing to the QVS (which has different server name).

QVS ver 9, DMS auth, IIS, renamed opendoc_fix.

Thanks for you feedback!