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Inconsistent Dashboard View between 2 servers of a cluster.

Some of the users complain Dashboard showing Incorrect/Junk data in one of the list box. Users hitting one of the server in the Cluster see some bad data ( "???" characters ) in one of the list box. The same user logged in other server sees the correct data. We have used the actual app server name in accesspoint URL to make sure we hitting the right server. Also monitoring the "Active Users" in "QV
Statistics" helped us figure that out.

Restarted the bad app server. This fixed the issue. But it is disturbing that both servers did not have exact copy of the dashboard.

Anyone had similar issues?

Thank You,


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Re: Inconsistent Dashboard View between 2 servers of a cluster.


1. Recreate the list box and see if this resolves the issue.

2. Also try this option

QMC -> user documents -> your app -> server -> performance

Document available - customize it to open in server1 instead of all nodes. and check. Later check by selecting server 2.

3. Also do you have 'Allow Only one copy of Document in Memory ' enabled?