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Information on running IIS as a different user and accessing AP off the domain

Dear All,

We're running Qlik in IIS with SSL and using F5 (which I have no knowledge of) and all appears to be OK, however we have a few questions we are struggling to get answered.

Currently everything is running on one server, but we will be splitting the WS on to its own box in the DMZ at some point so these questions might go away then but I am not sure.

1- We want to run the IIS app pool as a lesser user, however trying this and obviously the access point falls over. How do you do this?

2- At the moment we can access the AP internally fine, but when trying to access off the network we get the classic 'loading content' screen, I am not sure what is causing this as win and anon authentication are enabled in IIS.

Basically any advice or guidance appreciated, I have read a LOT of threads on the community but I don't seem to be able to tie down solutions to these two.

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