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Input-Box in QlikWeb-Workbench?!

Dear all,

I try to use the following server control- in QV 8.5:


qww:QvInputBox ID="QvInputBox1" runat=server ObjectID="IB04" Width="220" Height="100"


Seems that it doesn't work?

Is it right, that this control is not supported by QV Server 8.5 and the relating IndustrialCodeBox-Components (despite it is available as a control in MS Visual Studio)?

Thank you for your support!


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Input-Box in QlikWeb-Workbench?!


You are correct The input box will not work in qlikweb workbench.

In this link you can find what are the controls "qlikweb workbench" will support.




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Input-Box in QlikWeb-Workbench?!

Thank you for your answer. I hoped there was another possibility.

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Input-Box in QlikWeb-Workbench?!

There is a way to do what you are asking... here is the short version...

1. Create an input box in your Qlikview document and assign a variable to it and save your document.

2. Given the input box's id was IB01 and the the variable was named "vTestVariable", create a Qlikview asp.net page with a datasource object on it that points to your saved .qvw and qlikview server

3. In the asp.net page, add the following html to the body of your page

<input type="input" type="text" id="myValue" value="enter value here"/><input type="button" id="applyButton" value="apply"/>

4. Add the following script tag to your <head>. Note this requires jquery to be included in your head as well.

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

$(document).ready(function () {

$("#applyButton").click(function () {

var value = $("#myValue").val();

// qwwHub comes from qlikview's .js file that is added by the workbench when the page loads... from there you can make the request to // update the variable (V0 is the the first variable defined in your inputbox... it is zero based).

qwwHub.DoAvqSet(null, "Document.Document\\IB01.V0", "text", value, true);




5. View your page in the browser, enter you value in the text box and click the apply button.

If you need any help, I'd be glad to help clear this up.

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