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InputBox on Ajax Client?

The macro below works well on desktop client, but does not work on the AJAX client. Anyway to get an input prompt on the Ajax client?

sub saveBookMark

q = ActiveDocument.GetApplication.InputBox("Enter Save Name:")

if len(q) <> 0 then ' OK clicked
ActiveDocument.CreateUserBookmark q, , , true, "Created " & weekdayName(Weekday(Date)) & " " & Now
end if

end sub

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InputBox on Ajax Client?

It is not possible to get Inputboxes or Messageboxes to work in Ajax.


SV:InputBox on Ajax Client?

This will not work in AJAX, since it is a ZFC (Zero Foot-Print Client). Meaning that the document is not handled locally on the client but instead executed on server side.

To get around this you need to use the IE plugin instead.

It is recommended to minimize the use of macros to get same user experience in IE Plugin, Native client and AJAX.