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Integrating Qlikview session with other application session

Hi Experts

we have integrated teh QV Analytics application(Using AJAX Client) with our another transactional application, so that user can log into transactional App and based on his role, he will be shown a link to access analytics application. Once user clicks on that link, it opens a seperate browser window and shows the QV Ajax pages in a IFrame prsent in that window. So I frame source url is pointed to QV serevr. We are passing user info to QV server by passing ticket requested from QVserver by Tx application server.But at this point I don't want to confuse by giving more detailed info about that.

We are facing session time out problem. when user clicks the Analytics application link, it opens the new browser window and displays analytics pages in Iframe. As long as user is working on analytics application, there is no activity on Transactional application and it times out the Transactional application session after say 30 min, although users are still working on Analytics application.

We tried a solution to keep Transaction application session alive by reloading the pop up window containing Iframe,10 second before timeout, but problem with this approach is that we also have QV session time out set for 30 min, so now if QV session times out and pop up window is open, still our Transactional application session will be alive and it will never time out as long as pop up window is open, becuase it would refresh the window.

So my question is, is there any way to track the QlikView session through some API so that I can link it with my Transactional application session and keep that session alive as long as QV session is alive.

Also, any other way or sotution approach for linking the two session will be greatly appreciated and will be great help to me.

Thanks in advance


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Integrating Qlikview session with other application session

Hi Krishna,

I am facing exactly the same issue what you have encountered. Could you please share the solution if you have found any?



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Integrating Qlikview session with other application session

We have the exact same requirement. We really need some help on this.

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Integrating Qlikview session with other application session

Add me to the list, we have the same issue.

The only information on this topic that I've heard was at Qonnections 2010 in the OEM track. I heard an OEM partner mention that they had to reverse-engineer traffic between QEMC and QVS to 'build' an API that can monitor QV sessions. While a supported API would be much better, at this point I'll take any approach that solves the problem.


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Integrating Qlikview session with other application session

Hi Folks

I kind of partialy solved this problem by using qlikview statistics web service(its officialy not published in documentation) which QV Enterprise management console uses to show the user and QVW file statistics.

We parse the response of this web service, which has currently logged in user details. We check if current user is active in Qlikview by looking through this response and if user is active in Qlikview, we renew our transactional application session. So by this way as long as user session is active in Qlikview, we can keep our transactional application session active.

But we still need some API from qlikview for logout and renew qlilkview session. Becuase for cases where if our transactional application times our before and we want qlikview session to time out we donot have any API to instruct qlikview to log out.

please find below the details for qv statistics web service

URL: http://<<QV server host>>:4780/QMCCommon/QvAJAXZfc/QvsViewClient.asp?mark=&ticket=


<update mark=\"\" stamp=\"\" cookie=\"true\" scope=\"QvsStatistics\" ident=\"new:\" kind=\"QvsStatistics_obj\"><set name=\"QvsStatistics\" add=\"mode;ie6false\" clientsizeWH=\"3948:1875\"/></update>


<result mark="" stamp="634031431844550000" session="106bc5e1-821e-465f-b03d-5b29765a61be" kind="QvsStatistics" ident="106bc5e1-821e-465f-b03d-5b29765a61be"><object name="QvsStatistics" mode="enabled"><action name="Apply" mode="disabled" tooltip="Readonly" /><action name="Undo" mode="disabled" tooltip="Nothing to undo" /><action name="Redo" mode="disabled" tooltip="Nothing to redo" /><value name="DocumentLink" mode="enabled" text="SourceDocuments.htm" value="SourceDocuments.htm" /><group name="Statistics" mode="enabled"><list name="OpenDocs" mode="enabled"><group name="0" mode="enabled"><value name="Path" mode="enabled" text="MN_ANALYTICS.QVW" value="MN_ANALYTICS.QVW" /><value name="Sessions" mode="enabled" text="1" value="1" /></group></list><list name="Performance" mode="enabled"><group name="0" mode="enabled"><value name="Name" mode="enabled" text="ExeType" value="ExeType" /><value name="Value" mode="enabled" text="RLS64" value="RLS64" /></group><group name="1" mode="enabled"><value 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Integrating Qlikview session with other application session

Hello, would you be so gently to share an example code of this?


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