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Ipad Client dont work in server

Hi :

I have a Qlikview server 9 running well , and I want to view some documents in iPad client but when I call from the safary , not run

Can you suggest me anything else I have to config more on ipad or my server?

Hope your help

Regards Guillermo

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Ipad Client dont work in server

1. Are you using the ipad client from the app store, or just the HTML based server?

You may have more luck running Server 10; I know that one presents the page in a more HTML5 manner.

Also, what authentication method are you using?

Do you get any thumbnails displayed at the accesspoint?


Ipad Client dont work in server

If you are trying to use Mobile Safari/Ajax Touch, you will need to be on at least QlikView 10 SR2 or higher in order to use this functionality.

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