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Issue Reloading QV11 Document from Task Scheduler

I am having an issue when trying to reload a Qlikview document with a post reload macro from the Task Scheduler on Windows 2008 server.

When I run the document manually from the QV11 server, it reloads with it's correct data and the post reload macro runs and exports our data to Excel as expected.  However, when we do this via the Task Scheduler the document does not reload with data and the post reload macro does not run.  The task itself completes and the document is saved, but not data is loaded. The last run result code is always 0x0 as we would expect it to be from a completed reload.  The settings for the task on the scheduler have been set in the same way as all other tasks we have running, but still the document fails to reload.  If I create a basic task to reload the document it will reload once, but begins to fail if any settings are then changed, such as asking the task to reload wether the use is logged on or not.  I've checked document settings too, but cant find no difference in the settings on this document to others than are running on tasks successfully.

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Re: Issue Reloading QV11 Document from Task Scheduler

Q Why is my macro not working if I try to execute using OnPostReload or OnOpen?

A All macros are disabled when distributing using QlikView Publisher. This is to prevent documents from hanging due to poorly designed macros.

If you need macros, you need to create an external vbscript file and schedule this as an external resource in QlikView Publisher.

This require an Qlikview Publisher Enterprise Edition license

This is working as Designed