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Issue with QV User Manager Powertool

I'm having a couple of issues with the version QV User Manager PowerTool. One issue is qv-user-manager is not removing the CALs that are more than 30 days old like it is supposed. I get this message in the log - The server returned an unexpected response: (400) Bad Request.

The other issue is when I list CALs and send it to a csv file I get the list from one cluster but not the second cluster. The output file gets this message at the end of the first cluster's list of CALs - System.ExceptionSmiley Very Happyocument folder access rights are required! The id running the task is our Qlikview service account which has admin to everything.

Below is the commands from the bat file. I have removed the server names for security purposes.

filepath\Qv User Manager 11\qv-user-manager.exe --list CAL>\\server\folderpath\Before_Removal_User_CAL.csv

filepath\Qv User Manager 11\qv-user-manager.exe --remove CAL>log.txt

filepath\Qv User Manager 11\qv-user-manager.exe -list CAL>\\server\folderpath\User_CAL.csv