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Issues with IE Plugin and Citrix

Hello all

im new to qlikview and we are trying to implement it via citrix. I am having issues with making it work for all users.


Citrix -- on Windows 2003

IE 7

Qlikview = 9.0.744

So on citrix when i log into citrix as administrator or user 1, i can view the QV document fine... (using the same login for QV document CAL)

But when i log into citrix as user 2, i can only see the index screen and when i go into the document i keep getting that "Object expected" error. This is using the QV document login as administrator or user 1... only under this user account in citrix...

I have added the QV address to both intranet zone and trusted zone and enabled all the scripting stuff... even the domain stuff... i still get the error.. i checked the settings on the other users account and copied them.. still the same thing..

i also reset ie for user 2 and redid the thing... only index works.. the document never opens.. not due to cal... but due to "object expected"

im lost as to what to do.. can someone point me in a direction.


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