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Contributor III
Contributor III

Issues with RAM @ 100% use on the server hosting the Qlikview Service QVS

We are experiencing issues where the server is becoming unresponsive after completely using all of it's RAM (96GB!).

According to the task manager the culprit in the QVS (i.e. no other process is using a significant amount of RAM).

What steps should be taken to establish where the RAM is being used. We have the Governance Dashboard loaded but cannot see any obvious problems. Just looking for a list of actions that should be taken when this happens really!

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Usual suspects to look at:

  • Heavy objects, opening the QVW in QlikView Desktop should also take long to open that object
  • A reload process happening at the same time. JOINs, IntervalMatch() and other operations use a lot of resources, if there is a lot of data reloading and users interacting with the server at the same time, that could be the reason.
  • Other software running, like antivirus or backup software competing for resources
  • Big files (several GBs) being written in the same disk where QlikView Server is running
  • A bug: check with Qlik Support for any known issues with your specific version of QlikView
Contributor III
Contributor III

We will look into this.


there was a webinar today on performance from qlik check it out.

it can be viewed on demand too.

great for future or current use