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Iterative Development

What are the best practices surrounding making improvements to a qvw file that is published on a server? I am specifically worried about all my users (100+) shared server objects.

As I continue to develop the qvw and improve it with better standard charts and enriched data from more sources, how do I ensure that when I am ready to roll out the next version I won't break anything the users have done.

Currently I am copying the main file to my local desktop... making my changes.... then copying it back into the same location it was originally with the same name.

There may be weeks bewteen updates and I want to know definitively what I need to be certain of to ensure I don't trash my users server objects.



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Iterative Development

Lots of things to discuss..

-- Create staging QVDs

-- Generalize script and paths by using includes

-- Generalize directory structure

-- Use automated OS batches for file transfer

-- Use module wise QVWs and binary include wherever possible

-- Use common security (say row security on company) and access


There are many docs on best practices.


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Iterative Development

when you are worried on server-objects, simply keep the same name of your application and do not overwrite the SHARED-files, alternatively you may rename the SHARED-file to same name as your application.


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