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LDAP Configuration (not AD)

I couldn't find any good posts on the forum on how to get Qlikview setup with a non Active Directory LDAP server.

I've found this really useful link which helped me get it setup. The settings didn't exactly match our OpenLDAP directory server settings but I could work out the differencex fairly easily by comparing the LDAP settings we use in our directory.


Hopefully some other people will also find this useful. Qlikview should really provided some official documentation how to setup the LDAP directory service connector.


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LDAP Configuration (not AD)

Hi Max,

Offically the only LDAP that QlikView supports is Windows. In the past you had to write your own connector to connect to anything else. However, with version 10 QlikView put in a generic connector that you can configure. The reason there isn't a lot of documentation on this is because each LDAP you connect to is different and it would cost a lot of money to license all the different ones out there. Then there would be the time to take to setup everything and write the paper.

What LDAP are you using and would you share your setup? Knowing that some of the server name etc would be made up.

Bill - Designated Support Engineer at Qlik
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LDAP Configuration (not AD)


Not sure if anyone is watching this but anyways here goes...

I have a problem with configurable ldap. I am trying to query our ldap directory and am not able to retrieve any users in management console. The ldap connection and setup seem to be OK. I see the following error in the DirectoryServiceConnector logs  whenever I try to search for a user.

5/4/2012 15:25:42.6580545    Information    Start web service call CheckNames

5/4/2012 15:25:44.5145021    Error    (GenericLDAP.GenericLDAPProvider) Exception 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80072024): The administrative limit for this request was exceeded.

   at System.DirectoryServices.SearchResultCollection.ResultsEnumerator.MoveNext()

   at GenericLDAP.GenericLDAPProvider.Search(String _ldapquery)' when searching for '(|(cn=john*)(cn=john*)(displayName=john*))'

5/4/2012 15:25:44.5145021    Error    Exception checking names in provider mhc(name: Configurable LDAP, type: LDAP): The administrative limit for this request was exceeded.

I am very new to configuring ldap and the ldap support folks here in my company are not able to help out.What I found out is that with openldap if the server side sort is disabled ( which is the case with our setup)then we always get the above error if the query results are too large (I believe the default is 500 per openldap documentation). If somehow I am able to disable serverside sorting, I would be able to get results back. Can anyone help where and what config parameter can be set to disable this server side sorting.

I have tested this out with Oracle's version of the command line utility ldapsearch. By default the tool does not do a serversort. If I try to do one, then I end up with an error.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Re: LDAP Configuration (not AD)

Hello Bill,

I need to integrate Qlikview with OID (Oracle Internet Directory). Do you have any experience with these scenario?... is it possible to do?

It's for a new costumer and this condition is mandatory for making bussiness with him

Thanks in advance


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Re: LDAP Configuration (not AD)

Hi Julian,
Are you able to integrate Qlikview with OID?
We also want to integrate qlikview with OID. We are using qlikview 12 version.
Could you please help on this?