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Last Date by Time Hierarchical Group

Hey, What's up?

I get a problem, I have a time hierarchical group (Year, Month, Day) where I hace clients accounts, when I see them daily it shows correctly how it close at the end of the day adding the amounts of the accounts by client, but when I wanna see them monthly it adds all the amounts of all the account of all the days of the month and I just wanna the sum of the amount of the last day of the month. It happens the same way when i wanna see them annually.


Date          Client           Account   Amount   

29/11/2012    Alberto Rojas    10015     1,000.00

29/11/2012    Alberto Rojas    10030     3,000.00

30/11/2012    Alberto Rojas    10015     1,500.00

30/11/2012    Alberto Rojas    10030     4,500.00

What I wanna see when I select daily is:

Fecha          Cliente          Total

29/11/2012     Alberto Rojas    4,000.00

30/11/2012     Alberto Rojas    6,000.00

And Monthly is:

Fecha          Cliente          Total

30/11/2012     Alberto Rojas    6,000.00

I was trying to do it with If(IsNull(NombreMes), Sum({<[Fin Mes] = {'S'}>} Monto), Sum(Monto))

I hope you can help me.

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Re: Last Date by Time Hierarchical Group

Try creating some flag fields in the script. You can use these to filter the data based on the current field in the group. See attached qvw.

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