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License Lease - Same user ,new machine


I have a customer with a USER CAL assigned and a license lease for his QlikView Desktop. I know that license lease is tied both to the user and the machine. Customer has now a new machine and he's not able to get another license lease because QV Serverd already lease a CAL for him.

He don't want to have 2 license lease for himself, He just want to change his license from one machine to another. How can He do that?


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License Lease - Same user ,new machine

Well, he can't do that himself, but as the QlikView Admin, you can delete his CAL from the QEMC and then he can release from the 2nd machine.


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License Lease - Same user ,new machine


I had the same issue, but I tried this and I found a solution to resolve it:

  1. Go to QEMC (Server Administration Console) and remove the assigned named CAL. Quarantine period will apear.
  2. Then, add a new license assignment for the same user (Domain\UserID).
  3. Press 'Apply' button.
  4. Go to QV Desktop Client and "Open from server" any document. The license will be leased for the user.

NOTE: If you come back to QEMC you could see that quarantined user has disapear and only one Named CAL is assigned to user.


License Lease - Same user ,new machine

For the record, a license lease is not tied to both user and machine, but rather to user or machine. A single QV Server can only use User Named Licenses or Machine Named Licenses, but not both. If the license is assigned to a machine, anyone can log onto the machine and use the QV license, but application access is dependant on the user's permissions.

Hope that helps,


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