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License information stored in registry, not in settings.ini

Hi there,

a colleague of mine recently called me because she lost her lincense (license lease enabled).

I couldn't imagine a reason so I checked the settings.ini to find out that there is none. How can that be?

Usually license lease server, recent files, standard path and so on are stored in the settings.ini. In case of my colleague all these information is stored in the registry together with a license key and an expiry date somewhat like March 2012 although the user logged in the first time in September 2012.

Has anybody an idea why the settings.ini isn't there and why the informations ist stored in the registry?

edit: I checked the standard path for user settings in which the settings.ini should be stored. The path in QlikView is correct but the folders do not even exist on the hard drive. By installing the software this path should be installed for every user and be filled with the user settings automatically. May it help to create the missing folders an add a settings.ini with some general information?

Thanks and best regards,


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