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Linking dashboards in cluster in IE Plugin

Hello, I have a problem with linking two dashboards in cluster. My question is:

How to determine on which server in cluster the dashboard will be opened (into which RAM it will be loaded) in IE Plugin when opening one dashboard from another.

My QlikView Setup:

  • QlikView Cluster Server „QVS@Cluster“
    • QV 11.2 SR13
    • 2 nodes
      • Server_1
      • Server_2
    • Root Folder
      • \\Server_1\data$\SharedCluster\Root
    • Mounted Folders
      • PRD = \\Server_1\data$\QV\Dashboards, Browsable checked
    • Alternate Temporary Files Folder Path
      • \\Server_1\data$\SharedCluster\Temp
  • QlikView Publisher running on Publisher_3
  • QlikView Web Server running on Webserver_4
    • Using http, port 80
    • AccessPoint/Server Connections
      • Respect browsable flag on mount – checked
      • QVS@Cluster – Load Balancing „Loaded document“, Always Tunnel „unchecked“

I have 3 dashboards – Dashboard_1, Dashboard_2 and Dashboard_3.

  • Dashboard_1 has set up availability
    (User Documents/Dashboard_1/Server/Performance/Document Control)
    • Server_1: Always, Preload
    • Server_2: Never
  • Dashboard_2 has set up accessibility
    • Server_1: Always, Preload
    • Server_2: Never
  • Dashboard_3 has set up accessibility
    • Server_1: Never
    • Server_2: Always, Preload
  • I have buttons in all dashboards which should open an other dashboard and load it on the correct server (Dashboard_1 and Dashboard_2 on Server_1, Dashboard_3 on Server_2)
  • I need the solution to be working both in AJAX and IE Plugin
    • It seems that for AJAX I need to use „Open URL“ Action and in IE Plugin I need to use „Open QlikView Document“ action. This is not a problem.
      I set both actions on the button and use
      • Open URL          =if(len(ClientPlatform())>0, 'AJAX_URL','')
      • Open QlikView Document         =if(len(ClientPlatform())=0,'IEPLUG_URL','')
    • Using Open URL in IE Plugin is not possible because it pops up a dialog window before going to the link and opens the link in default browser, that means not always in IE.

When I open any dashboard from Access Point (no matter if in AJAX or IE plugin), everything works – Dashboard_1 and Dashboard_2 opens on Server_1, Dashboard_3 on Server_2 (checked in QMC/Status/QVS Statistics/QVS@Cluster/Server_1, Server_2/Open Documents)

Linking in AJAX works as expected – dashboards open on correct servers.

Problem occurs in IE plugin. I know that IE Plugin does not link through the web server which does the load balancing and it links directly through port 4747 to the QVS. Nevertheless I use the link qvp://Server_1/Dashboard_1.qvw , qvp://Server_1/Dashboard_2.qvw and qvp://Server_2/Dashboard_3.qvw but it keeps opening the target dashboard on the same server where is already opened the source one. For example:

  • if I am in Dashboard_1 on Server_1 and I try to open link qvp://server_2/Dashboard_3.qvw it opens link qvp://server_1/Dashboard_3.qvw
  • also vice versa – from Dashboard_3 on Server_2 the link to qvp://Server_1/Dashboard_1.qvw opens qvp://Server_2/Dashboard_1.qvw.
  • When I try to go from Dashboard_1 on Server_1 to Dashboard_2 on Server_1 it works since they are on the same server.

If I turn on Always Tunnel in QMC for QVS@Cluster it doesn’t help. In cases described above it opens link qvp://Webserver_4;http/prd/dashboard_1.qvw  (…dashboard_2.qvw, …dashboard_3.qvw) but they are always loaded on Server_2 no matter from where they are opened.

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