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List of Users and their documents - publisher

We use Publisher to controll who has a license and what documents they can open in the IE Plugin. There are QV documents that analysis the server and who has opened a document, etc. Is there are QV doucment that looks a Publisher and lists the names of the licenses and the documents the users can open?



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List of Users and their documents - publisher

Try using the Power Tools (http://community.qlik.com/blogs/supportupdates/2011/11/08/power-tools-for-qlikview-now-available).

The XML Database Viewer has Distribution Details, that Identifies the users and groups that are permitted to view each application.

You can export this data and merge with document and task info get the data you are looking for.

There are probably other methods to get this info, but this is quick and easy.

Good luck,


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