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List of documents to reload contains 'old' reloads


I use QMC to reload my qvw application. I have had to reorganize my apps in subdirectories :
- first they were in \RH (and reloads scheduled on apps in this scheduler)
- after they were in \RH\VACS

I have reorganized the apps before removing their reloads. I have created new reloads but cannot succeed in removing old ones that still appear in Reload List.

How can I make the old reloads disappear from this list ?

Herejoined a picture which is detailing the matter.

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List of documents to reload contains 'old' reloads

This is a recognized bug in version 9.0. When I contacted Support about this, they said it should be fixed in version 10.0 which is scheduled to be released late this year. In the meantime, you need to clean the Repository manually. See the last post on this page for more detailed instructions: http://community.qlik.com/forums/t/25325.aspx. This is a fairly time-consuming process, so keep in mind that it would be a lot simpler to just delete all the tasks by deleting/renaming the QVPR folder entirely.


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List of documents to reload contains 'old' reloads


Did support give any indication on the timing of QV version 10 beta release? Or is there somewhere that I could get a sense for their timing?


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