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Load Big QVD Files


I try to load a very big qvd file. QVD File contains differents dates like (20160615, 20160616...). In the QVW I have a combo combo with the different dates (20160615, 20160616...) and I would like load in memory only the selection of this combo box, is it possible? That is to say, if the user selects 20160615, only load in memory this part of the qvd file.

Also I can store the information in different QVD files, for example a qvd for 2016, other for 2015, etc. But the problem is the same... If I load in memory the qvd with 2015 information, when the user selects in the combo box a date of 2016 ¿How can I load the other qvd in the moment?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Load Big QVD Files

Load will always mean to reload the complete application. This is per desktop client quite easy but per access point quite difficult and it will have various side-effects.

Another way could be to chain several documents - maybe you could find here a practically example: https://community.qlik.com/search.jspa?q=document+chaining

The first thing which I would try would be to optimize these application - and quite often there could be optimized many things. It would be helpful if you provide more details - number of records, used fields, which kind of data, where are the performance issues and so on ...

- Marcus

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