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Hi All,

I'm sorry if I don't use technical word but I'm a user of QlikView tool.

Unfortunately we are only 10 users in all Europe and there isn't any internal support.

We have a server - client configuration of version 8.50

The Italian clients have been 'formatted' and we are not able to login to QlikView any more.

The other people have already updated / formatted their PCs and they are working well.

After the login form we get the error message

Connected to server OK, No reply received

Switching to http tunnelling

Connected to server OK, Negotiations Timed out

Why only Italian people have this issue?

What do we have to configure or setup?

Could you please help me?

An other thing, but I don't want to get confused:

The server is configured to use port 4747, but tracing the connection to the server the PC seems to try the connect by port 80. And of course this port is/was close.

Thanks a lot for all your help

Best Regards


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Did you solve this?

One of my users also encounters this exact error message, but I can't figure out what is affecting him and not the other 12 or so...



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Hi i attached PDF file herewith how to solve Tunneling error please go throuh

this pdf and solve it your tunneling error.



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thanks for your document.

To me it's too complicated, I have sent it to network department Smiley Happy .

In any case I have understood that the problem is due to ports and permissions.

Unfortunately my company doesn't open the port 80 for security and the port 4747 is already open.

So now we are checking the different user permissions of the links (using your schema).

My current workaround is that the user has to connect by VPN to our production environment.

In this case everything seems work right.

I'll keep you informed, but I work in a big company and the checks take a lot of time

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Re: Login Error Message

Has anybody found the solution to this question?

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