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Losing Data using Section Access


I have implemented section access and it is working correctly.

However when i reload the model it shows all data including the current day, but when I save, close and re-open model to activate the sectional access the current data(todays data) does not display.

Has anyone experienced this before or will be able to assist with this?

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Losing Data using Section Access

Hi, Zayne.

Apparently, it is working as expected. We need to look at your section access to check why you are losing part of the data, but it may be just the right result of the security rules implemented there.

When you reload, QlikView must present all the data so that when you save, everything will be in the qvw.

After you close and reopen, QV will actually apply the section access and present part of the data.

Check the fields that you are using to control sections access. Try to make the same selections that would happen when the qvw is opened and check the results.

You can also make the selections and use file -> Reduce data -> Keep possible values to understand the results of your s. access.

Hope this helps


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Re: Losing Data using Section Access

Hi Erich

Thank you for your assistance.

I did pick up that due to my data reduction on a specific field which had latest date(the previous day) it restricted all my information as per that date.

I removed the link that i created between the Section Access and other data and it worked fine.

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