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Losing all Document CALs and Assigned CALs unexpectedly and Repeatedly

Dear All,

We are having Qlikivew 11.2 SR12. Since last week we are facing a issue that we are loosing all document CALS, Assigned CALs.

We do not have publisher in our environment.

I have read some discussions in our community and I understand that this issue might have occurred due to .PGO files or .meta files.

As per my understanding issue would be because of .pgo files in my case. Because , I have lost all Named CALs  and Document CALs. Out of these some Named CAL users are only using for their local development and don't have access to any qvw in Access Point.

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

I have below queries on recovering all lost CALs and preventing this issue to re occur again.

1. I need to back up the 5 PGO files from Programdata==>Qliktech==> documents folder as per attached image. As I understand that pgo files under document folder are master set. I can re use this set of files to copy in both locations to recover. Please correct me. If I'm wrong.

2. I see many other .PGO files in same folders with the names ending with all multilingual characters. Do we need to take the backup of those files also??

To prevent the issue to re occur again I wanted to generate fresh .PGO files again for that, I have below queries.

3. After backup is done and Once I stop the services, I can delete the .PGO files in both documents folder and Qlikview server folder? After I delete from both places, once I restart the services, Does Qlikview server will generate all 5 files again in both places??

If it generates in both places, I will add all the users one more time.(adding users in a newly generated files will prevent the issue to re occur again) .

4. If we upgrade to SR15, will this issue will be resolved as this bug is fixed in SR13. Anybody has upgraded to SR15? how stable it is?? SR14 is not stable  so  we are thinking to upgrade to SR15 directly? what is your thoughts??