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Loss of security rights when distributing a .qvw

Hey guys,

Was hoping to get some ideas regarding a problem I've been having.

Basically, I have e .qvw that's being distributed using the QEMC. My problem lies within loss of security rights.

I've set up a task that distributes a file from one folder to another. The files are on the same server, even the same partition on the disk.

These are my settings in the QEMC:

A task is set enabled, reloading is disabled.

In the tab called "Distribute" and in the subtab "Manually". Under destination QlikView server I've selected the server in question.

I've also mounted a folder, this is the folder in which the distributed file ends up.

When it comes to "User or group" I've selected a Security Group that I had previously created, let's call it "QV Mobile Users" This group is comprised of a number of individuals with rights to open the document as well as being set up in a manner to make it a "member of" the Administrators (built in) group.

Once distributed to the desired folder, the .qvw STILL has its old security settings and neglects the fact that I selected "QV Mobile Users".

My main question is; How can control the rights of a distributed .qvw - apart from the way I described above.

Is there something I might be missing?

//Best regards.

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