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Macro SETS and Printing Report problem - CODE - 911

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a huge project and I have a deadline in next few days, right now i'm stuck on print report. Everything is working fine on the QV side, as soon as i try to print (PDF) for all products in selected department. its showing me wrong counts following is DB structure and one my my count expression.

Product Category SubCategory ProductName

1 Cars Honda-Civic Civic-1000

2 Cars Honda-Accord Accord -5000

3 Cars Toyata - Camry Camry-2000

4 Liquor Wines wine-101

5 Liquor Beers Bud-Light

REPORT : (Chart - Table)

ProductName Sales Category AVG. SubCategory AVG.

Civic-1000 1M 50M 10M

now, in these KPIs i need Sales Averages for Category and Subcategory too and it works fine in QV, but i need to generate reports for all products in Selected Category. and when i do print report it gives me wrong AVGs.

Selection : Users always select a Category , Subcategory and Product

My Expression.

Sum({$ <ProductName = , ProductId = > } ProductSales)

Note: Report is a Chart Table.

This equation is not working in the Print Report where i'm banding report with the ProductID. initial Selection for print all the Product report is as following


Also, i have a macro which implements the selection for the Subcategory as soon as you change the ProductId or Product Name. in short for this SET Equation to work i must have Sub-category Selected. so i have a Macro.

Please HELP.

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Macro SETS and Printing Report problem - CODE - 911

Sorry, I can see the problem you're talking about, but don't know how to solve it. I have almost no experience with reports.

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Macro SETS and Printing Report problem - CODE - 911

Thank you John for taking time to a look into it.

I have submitted a request to Qlikview support and they are looking into it, i'll post a solution once i hear from them.

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