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Macro parse failed


My Macro does´t work using QV Server. I get the message

Macro parse failed. Functionality was lost

ErrorSmiley Surprisedbject Required ValorCeldaDimension(..)

I pass this arguments:

set myvar = ValorCeldaDimensionPivot("CH46", "Indirectos", 2, 9)

and my funcction is: (to obtain the value of a cell in a pivot table where the text of the row =texto)

Function ValorCeldaDimensionPivot(objeto, texto, dimens, col)
set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(objeto)
dim fila
fila = 0
for RowIter = 0 to obj.GetRowCount-1
set cell = obj.GetCell(RowIter,dimens)
if cell.Text = texto then
ValorCeldaDimensionPivot = obj.GetCell(fila, col)
exit Function
End if
fila = fila + 1
End Function

Anybody can help me?

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Macro parse failed

solved installing QV9 SR2

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Macro parse failed

solved installing QV9 SR2

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Macro parse failed

I have got another work around which could help you solve the problem

1. Open your QVW file via Internet Explorer

2. Type Ctrl + Shift + M

3. Choose the option "Give System Access to Module Script" and click "OK".




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