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Macros, VBScript and User Interaction

I have a set of sheets that a user can select between. In some conditions, a filter set on one sheet will give spurious results on another sheet. With the client, I have a working macro that looks at the current selections, identifies if any dangerous ones are set and prompts the user to clear the filters if so.

Unfortunately, this won't work in AJAX mode and we have some users that need this.

Is there a way to get this functionality using action buttons?

I can't see any way to interact with the user via actions. (Server 11.2)

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Re: Macros, VBScript and User Interaction

You can use field triggers to check the selection in a field and then change the selection if necessary with Select in Field actions. As soon as a selection is made in a field the field trigger will execute the action. So you don't need a button for that. Or you could use the field trigger to show a text box with a message alerting the user.

Re: Macros, VBScript and User Interaction

A couple of alternatives.

1. Instead of a macro, use a text box with a conditional show. The text box action can also do the Clear.

2. Isolate the selections using Alternate States.


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Re: Macros, VBScript and User Interaction

Thanks for the very quick responses. I can see how I could use the field triggers and will have a look at the Alternate States topic, which I haven't used before.