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Managing a QlikView rollout


I am new to the QV world as to now; Going forward, however, I am going to be the main POC for everything concerning the rollout of QlikView in my company, so I try to gather information in all areas.

I am currently doing a self-learning course in QlikView since my official training is only in two weeks and I've now reached the issue of referencing external files. I guess that is a very practical thing that everyone using QlikView with a Document_Cal will jump at if allowed - every dpt. uses a lot of documents, tracking_reports and stuff, all of which are in some way connected to their respective KPIs. So I wonder, what is the impact on hardware requirements? I imagine many documents used by a specific dpt. (that is, everyone in that dpt.) are located on a Server, so activating those will make use of the connection to the Server. Does that have the potential of significantly slowing down everything? Should the practice of referencing external files be restricted in some way?

In case there is already a Blog_post or document here covering that topic, feel free to direct me there, I am not only able, but also willing to read ;-) I just don't know yet how to efficiently search for that kind of stuff.

Thanks a lot!

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