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Maximum Calculated Fields


I have two calculated fields:

=Sum( {<BMIYEAR={"$(YearNo1)"},BMIWEEKNR={"<=10"}>} BRT)

=Sum( {<BMIYEAR={"$(YearNo2"},BMIWEEKNR={"<=10"}>} BRT )

Now i want to have the maximum value of both.

How do i do this?

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New Contributor III

Re: Maximum Calculated Fields

Hi Ama,

I do not know if it is as optimal but you can use a pivot table an expression to compare the two calculated fields and determine the largest in the pivot table can be used also as expressions calculated fields.


Henry C.

Re: Maximum Calculated Fields


Sum( {<BMIYEAR={"$(YearNo1)"},BMIWEEKNR={"<=10"}>} BRT)

,Sum( {<BMIYEAR={"$(YearNo2"},BMIWEEKNR={"<=10"}>} BRT )



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