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Microsoft Licensing: What CALS are Required?

Good Day

Here is our enviroment:

A QV Server with 10 Document CALS. We have 5 users accessing their sessions locally on our intranet via a URL to the Server: https://xxxxx01/, via AD Auth. The other 5 accesses their sessions from outside via 3G/ADSL via https://xxxx.myqv.com, also via AD Auth. All 10 users, locally and remotely make use of the QV Web Client/Interface.

Do all 10 users require an RDS CAL each, or?

Do just the external 5 require an RDS CAL each, or?

Do none require RDS CALs at all?

Thanks in advance. If this question has already been answered please provide mw with a link, but i cannot seem to get 100% assurance.

Here is what i found on MS Licensing:

Do I need an RDS CAL?

There are two basic scenarios which trigger the requirement for an RDS CAL.

    1. Your users or devices directly or indirectly access any of the RDS product functionality, and/or
    2. Your users of devices directly or indirectly interact with the graphical user interface of the server software using RDS functionality or other third party technology (e.g. Citrix, GraphOn, 2X to name a few)

If you meet either (or both) of the points described above – an RDS CAL is required.  It is also worth pointing out that RDS CALs are required in a VDI deployment when any of the RDS components are used to support it (e.g. Remote Desktop Web Access, Remote Desktop Gateway, Remote Desktop Connection Broker, Remote Desktop Session Host, or the Remote Desktop Virtualization Host.

5 – Do I need a CAL when my Windows Server is used to run a web server?

Windows Server 2012 R2 configured to run Web Workloads ** do not require CALs or External Connectors.  Web workloads, also referred to as an internet web solution, are publically accessible (e.g. accessible outside of the firewall) and consist only of web pages, web sites, web applications, web services, and/or POP3 mail serving.  Access to content, information, and/or applications within the internet web solution must be publically accessible.  In other words, they cannot be restricted to you or your affiliate’s employees.

If you have Windows Servers configured to run a “web workload” these users will not require CALs or External Connectors.  However, let’s say you are using Windows Server to setup an online store where customers can buy widgets.  You have front end Windows Servers setup to support your website, and backend servers (e.g. commerce servers) setup so customers can check out and buy your widgets.  The front end servers used to host your website would generally be considered as running “web workloads” and CALs or External Connectors will not be required to access these servers.  Once the customer adds a widget to their shopping cart, creates an account and enters their credit card and shipping information to complete the sale – they are now authenticated via your back end commerce servers/application (non-web workload).  Since users are accessing the backend commerce servers which web workloads are not running – CALs or External Connectors will be required for users to access these back end servers.

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