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Migrate QMC Tasks from one path to another - How?

Hi All,

As of now, we have 100+ tasks running on the QVWs and QVD generators which are mounted on a particular Folders/SAN. Now we are migrating the all the QVWs and QVD generators to new Folders/SAN. New path has been mounted in QMC for the QVWs and QVD Generators to be available.

Is there any way we can move the existing tasks from previous path to the new one? Seems creating the new tasks again would be a lengthy and tiring process. The old tasks/path/folders have to be eliminated afterwards.

Any suggestions please?

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Re: Migrate QMC Tasks from one path to another - How?

You may not need to change any tasks at all if you instead manually edit the configuration of your QlikView Distribution Service and possibly your QliKView Server too, depending on your architecture.

For Distribution Service

If you are using publisher and an XML QVPR you can manually edit the path in the QVPR files.

You will certainly need to edit the file SourceDocumentFolderResource.xml

This contains the details of the paths you enter in QMC under System - Setup - Distribution Services - <My Distribution Service>. General Tab - Source Folders - Path

You will see XML nodes like


And you can edit the Path value to be your new disk / path etc.

Which files you need to edit will depend on the range of publisher facilities you make use of. For example if you also use External Program Tasks you might need to edit the file ExternalProgramTask.xml if some of your scripts/external programs are located on the storage that is changing.

If you are also moving where your QlikView Server Paths you will need to do further reconfiguration.

For the QlikViewS Server mounts specified in QMC at System - Setup - QlikView  Servers - <My QliKView Server>. Tab Folders - Document Folders. In the gui here we see the Mounted Folder Name, and Mounted Folder Path.

The Name is also stored in the QVPR file SourceDocumentFolderResource.xml with entries like this ( with FolderType="User")






But the actual Path is strangely stored in the QliKView Server's Settings.ini file in a single line like :


you can edit this line in the ini file to change where QlikView Server looks for it's user documents.

You will also need to review/edit other lines in this ini file.


and if you hav emade changes to


The usual warnings apply here.

Try on your test system first.
Make a full back up before hand.
All QlikView Services must be stopped during this migrtaion/editing exercise.

But you should be able to shut down your system.
Edit the paths.
Start up the system.

And not need to edit your 100's of QMC tasks in anyway.