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Migration of LEF files


I was wondering if anyone could help with the below query or has had experience migrating LEF between servers.

In our setup we currently have two QlikView Servers and require to migrate high usage / high data volume dashboards from server1 to server2 in order to consolidate reports and free up resource on server1.

In doing this we also need to migrate / switch the LEF file from server1 onto server2 and server2 LEF onto server1 as the LEF for server1 contains a higher number of user / document cal's which will facilitate the usage of the migrated dashboards.

My question is can we simply switch the LEF files over or will we experience any validation issues?

Also if anybody has completed this before will we need to stop all the QlikView services in order complete this task?

Your responses are appreciated.

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Re: Migration of LEF files

I'm not absolutely sure but I think if the LEF files only differ in the number of document/Named CAL's you could simply copy them to other server - at first you shotdown both server-services, copies then the LEF files in both and afterwards you make a restart of all services. Whereby I'm not sure what happens if you for example have applied 100 document CAL's in one server and the new LEF file has only 20 available - in such a case I think you will need to delete CAL's on one server and recreate them within the another server.

- Marcus

Re: Migration of LEF files

IMHO switching the LEF files will not automatically re-license the servers. And the big issue is that license assignments may disappear when a server is effectively re-licensed (through the QMC) and ends up with fewer licenses than before.

Do keep a copy of CalData.pgo, as this one does contain license assignments. It may be possible to swap these files at the same time as the re-licensing, but I've never tested this. And make sure that the documents to which Doc CALs are attached are available on the new server. Or your Doc CALs may disappear without a trace.

Normal risk-free procedure:

  • Shut down QVS service on server1
  • Re-license server2 with licensee from server1 (you may loose CAL assignments)
  • Shut down QVS service on server2
  • Start QVS service on server1
  • Re-license server1 with license from server2
  • Start QVS service on server2 (check license assignments)



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Re: Migration of LEF files

Hi Alastair,

can you close down this thread if you are sortied, either mark the appropriate as CORECT or use ASSUME ANSWERED please ?


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