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Missing Bookmarks

Hi all,

I'm quite new to QlikView, but I am working with 8.5SR5 and a couple of my client's users have complained that their bookmarks have gone missing. For now, I am not too worried about why they have disappeared, I am more interested in finding out the answers to a query posed to me by the client's support team.

The nature of the support team's query is with regard to somehow restoring these bookmarks by using the .XML files that are available in a particular folder related to the user's profile. However, if they attempt to import these .XML files into the application, they get an error "No bookmarks found in the bookmarks file". My understanding is that if this file were a .QBM file it can be imported and I have tried this successfully, however, the users don't have these .QBM files of the bookmarks they have lost.

Does anyone know if these .XML files can be imported somehow? Is the error message to be expected or maybe some sort of bug?

Thanks in advance,


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Valued Contributor III

Re: Missing Bookmarks

Hi Luke,

Did you find a reason for the missing bookmarks? We have similar issue, the bookmark however comes back again all of a sudden.


Rajesh Vaswani

Honored Contributor II

Re: Missing Bookmarks

Hey Rajesh,

Did you find the solution for this issue?



Valued Contributor III

Re: Missing Bookmarks

Hi Deepak,

Not yet, its intermittent.

In case you find anything please post.

We have cleaned the .shared file, since we suspected the size might be causing this.

It happens only for one single user mostly, for remaining ones works fine.

We are to raise a ticket with Qlik.


Rajesh Vaswani