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Missing document licenses

Hi, all I know this topic have discussed for in many time. But I tried all the method as I can find in the community, and I still have problem to get all my document licenses back.

The work I have done:

I am using version 11.20 as well, detail version is SR12.

I first used amars method as mentioned here  to clean up the old deleted .qvw files with Upper Case at the root of mounted folder, and that really works. And the tricky part is to figure out the path of these deleted .qvw file. I found the correct path by using the event log files (thank goodness we switches the log files before, which can be switched on by the QMC in the System-> QlikView Servers-> Logging). After clear up all the dummy .QVW files, I found we still miss some doc license. And at the same time, I found the event log file dose have the "CAL allocation" info recorded the history of all the CAL usage, but I can not find more missing license here.

And I also tried to use the "PGOAsXmlAlso=1" as discussed many times, for example here,  to get the .xml file. I do add it in the [Settings 7] part, also stop/start all the QV server(services), but it failed, I can not get the .xml file. 

Can any one help to see what can be the problem?

Finally I tried to delete ALL .PGO files to solve the problem. I backup and delete all the .PGO file in the 2 folders as below:



After I restart the services, the .PGO files in 2nd folder will automatically generated, but doc licenses are still missing as before deleting the .PGO files.

Dose any one have any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thanks very much


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Re: Missing document licenses

Hi, all,

My fault, finally found the missing doc cal. There is one .qvw which I miss checked the number of doc used there.

But as for future usage, I still can not get the .xml version of the .PGO files, can any one provide any tips for this?

Thanks very much