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Monitoring Access Point

Good afternoon-  Is anyone currently using any monitors to make sure that Access Point stays up and running?  We are in need of putting an monitor in place, so we can get emails if AP crashes, for any reason.  I know there are a ton of programs and services out there, so I thought I would see if anyone has any suggestions, success stories, or warnings.

Thanks for your help,...

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Monitoring Access Point

A good combination is Servers Alive


to monitor the QV Services

and FileAgeMonitor


to monitor the reload schedule.

You can also do filetime checks of bellwether QVWs with Servers Alive.

Make sure you've set the recovery action of your QV services to "Restart the Service" so they wil be automatically restarted if they do fail.



Monitoring Access Point


You can also go through the power tools available.


Hope it helps



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Re: Monitoring Access Point

I also want to monitor the access point.

I want to receive a message when there are no applications visible in access point.

Sometimes all services are still running, but no documents are visible in access point.

Does anyone has a suggestion?

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Re: Monitoring Access Point

Does anyone knows a good tool?

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