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Multi Server Cofiguration without cluster license

I have an existing Windows 8, QV 11 SR1 server with all the services running on it.  We needed to add more memory to it because 32G was just not enough.  Unfortunately the version of Windows we had did not support more than 32G.  So we had a new server built with 64G.  My question is, is there any benefit to moving only some of the services to the new machine and keeping the old machine running some of them?  If so, which server has what services?  We do not have any cluster licensing currently.



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Re: Multi Server Cofiguration without cluster license

Don, do you have publisher license?

If so then you should split them like this

Server1 32G: QDS, QMS, DSC

Server2 64G: QVS, QVWS, [DSC]

That way reload tasks will not affect end user performance, QDS and QVS will not compete over resources.

Make sure both servers are relatively close network hops wise.


Re: Multi Server Cofiguration without cluster license

More servers, more complexity, more licenses, many problems with two enviroments.

So, Qlikview isn´t approved to run in Windows 8 enviroment.

If you have many tasks anf publisher license, I believe that a small server will work. If you have only one Qlikview Server License withou Publisher, my suggestion is move all service to this new server.

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