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Multiple Search Criteria on 1 List Box not saved in Bookmark

Have a list box showing a combination of the product code and warehouse. The users need to regularly do a search on this List Box and narrow it down to 3 warehouses - but to do this they have to do likeness searches one at a time - such as 'MR|*' then 'S|*' (whilst holding down CTRL so it keeps current selection).

Problem is, even though its 3 separate searches on likes, QlikView only stores the last likeness search in the Current Selections criteria, even though multiple selections on the one list box have been made. Users are then saving this bookmark and thinking its right, but its only displaying the last searched item when they view it again.

I have temporarily got round this by putting the warehouse as a separate list box, but this will be a problem with all list box searches in all reports - as multiple like searches are common. What's the best way to get round this? Is there criteria that can be written into the list box search box to look for all 3 likes at once i.e. like 'MR|*' AND 'S|*' AND 'OW|*'?


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