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Multiple servers

When we originally purchased Qlikview over a year ago, it was recommended at the time that we purchase both QVE and QVP and place them on separate servers. We started with small business during the development phase of this endeavor and moved into QVE/QVP. At first we placed them on the same server to familiarize ourselves with the environment. All users are using the ZFC and everything worked as intended.

We are now in the phase where we would like to implement the second server to run the reload tasks and and perform some other supporting tasks such as FTP monitoring and other housekeeping functions as we are going to roll out to much a broader audience. The second server has been imaged with MS Server 08 R2 x64. I have installed QVE on this server as we plan to use this to serve clients and use the original server for the publishing tasks.

Does anyone have any advice for how we should set this up? Can we install only QVE on one server and QVP on the other? I tried to get this setup but am having trouble publishing docs from one server to the other.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!