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Named user cal license leasing issue

Hi Team,

Need an urgent help, facing problem in leasing Named user cal license.

Server           : Qlikview enterprise server version 10

Authorization : Using DMS authorization

Step 1 : Created Custom Directory

Step 2 : Created users under Custom Directory

Step 3 : Assigned Named call to this user.

If I see in the user management I could able to see the user name and Type of cal assigned to this user. Now, I am trying to lease the license from Qlikview personal edition by opening >> Open in server option >> provided created user Name - CUSTOM\KEERTHY and password and getting below error message.

Error Message : Connected to server OK, No reply received Switching to HTTP tunneling

                         Connected to Server OK, Negotiations timed out

Note: I could able to access the Qlikview Access point and dashboards using same user credentials.

Thanks in advance,


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Named user cal license leasing issue


Is the port 4747 tcp open outbound and inbound in the QlikView Server firewall? If you can access to the AccessPoint correctly and you can see documents, the license is correctly assigned so the problem might be in the connection between the Server and the Desktop.

Hope that helps.


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