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Need help for inlcuding a new filter


I created a report with salesdata for our items.

So we got about 80.000 items with their sales.

If a user wants to look at only a small group of items , which cannot be specified by an item-group or someting like that, so I cannot filter them easily.

How can the user get a report with just those items.

The users uses the IE-Plugin and has no access to the script area.

The bad way , is to type in all the items step by step via the listbox + Pressing CTRL.

I hope, you understand, what I mean

Best Regards


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Need help for inlcuding a new filter

Hello der_norden,

if you do not have any possibility you told it is not easy to find a solution. One Thing I could imagine is the use of bookmarks. Even if users can only bookmark a part of their items and then complete their selection manually.