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New Install of v9 - no web sites created

I have had a server with v8.5 that was running fine. I wanted to update to v9.

I uninstalled and trawled the registry to remove all qlik... references, having read an earlier post here.

I then installed the v9 release. It didn't create the websites for the examples, etc.

This is not a disaster since I have a separate website from which I want to access my qvw files, but I am having problems with that due to security (separate post, since probably a separate problem), but I am concerned that these may be linked and point to an incomplete or bad installation.

I can run the management and enterprise management consoles in IE on the server and they show the relevant services running (after a bit of manual intervention).


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New Install of v9 - no web sites created

Hi Keith,

The virtual folders in IIS are not created by default in QVS9. It sets up the QlikView Web Server which, like IIS, runs on default on port 80. If you want to install the IIS virtual folders during installation you need to do a custom installation and include these folders.

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New Install of v9 - no web sites created

Thanks for that, I'll have to uninstall and re-install, I guess.

Is there anything that's needed to remove manually after I do the Windows Uninstall on the server software? There are a lot of posts about having to trawl the registry and remove folders when moving from 8.5 to 9 - do these trip up a v9 re-install too?