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New server First test and then migrate


I'm new to Qlikview and got a rather exciting project coming up: Migrating to a new server.

I've got a few questions though:

1. I've read that in order to use the licence I need to uninstall QVS on the old server. That will be no problem, but I want to test the new server first (performance of reloads and do all the Qlikview reports still work). So can it run without a licence key? If not how can we test this server?

2. Are there any traps I should be aware of during the migration?

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New server First test and then migrate

You will need a different license for testing as you cant have the same license running on multiple servers. Contact your QV rep and see if you can get a temporary license.

Are you changing QV versions on the new server or just moving to a new server?

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New server First test and then migrate

Thanks for your reply. This is clear for me. Our contact will be here on Monday and we can have a chat about this.

I am planning to install Version 10. But don't know what the ups and downs are. Thats why I wanted to test everything first...