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New server

Hey everyone,

Currently, QV is installed on a 32 bits server, which means we are limited to 4Go of RAM.  We need more RAM so we have to install QV on a new 64 bit-server.

What is the best way to proceed ? Do we have to install QV from scratch a the new server or is there an "easy" way to do it ?

If we have to install it from scratch, we should ask for a new QV server licence ? And then when everything is ok, kill the former one ?

I'm just starting to think about it, all you ideas are welcomed

Have a good day.


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Re: New server


I prefer to go with fresh instillation.

If you can manage downtime in off peak hour then no need for you to have new License.

If you cannot have downtime. I suggest you to contact your partner to get trail License until you finish your migration.



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Re: New server

Thank you for reply

I have never installed QV Server before, I didn't expect I could do it in 1 hour

So let's say I have my new server.

Here are the steps I imagine:

- Copy all the files (applications..)

- Download the installation pakage of QV desktop and install it

- Download the installation package of QV server and install it --> Is it only about clicking on "next" several times ? Or do I have to parametrize IT things ?

- Enter the LEF and numero of licence in the QMC --> I guess that will kill the licence from the former server ?

- Re allocate the cals and re schedule the reloads

Do I miss something ? Will it be that easy ?

Thank you again

Re: New server


Perfect, You are on right track.

Just make sure you off your first server before you apply License on second one.



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Re: New server

Hi Laura,

I think you may require control number of license when you will be shifting your license key to the new server.



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Re: New server

Hi Laura,

you may find the attached document useful

HTH - Andy

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Re: New server

Hi Check this too. This will help you.

As ASHFAQ said, I too vote to fresh installation. All the best.

Step by Step Qlikview Upgrade from Version 10 to Version 11

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