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New to QV - responsible for rollout


I am a newbie to the QV world, I have just completed my first self-learning course, "First steps" and in two weeks I'll have an official on-site training - I will be mainly responsible for the implementation and rollout of QlikView in our company and my next Deadline is to draft up a (detailed) rollout plan and concept for licensing (how many licenses we need) until the end of March, that is next week... I have already assembled some thoughts on this in a kind of mindmap (as close as you can get to one using PPT, which has great advantages when it comes to sharing), so I'll begin by copying this. I wonder, however, whether there are any documents here that could help me to avoid forgetting some things that have to be thought of. I admit, I haven't yet searched the community, I'll do so right now. I guess "Deployment" is a good place to look for sth. like that.

Thanks for any help anyway!

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