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New to QlikView with a Couple of Questions

Greetings everyone and thanks for reading this. I am at a new job and they use QlikView. I am a DBA and a Developer and I have never used QlikView before but since my predecessor supported this I must be able to do the same right? Well I will give it a try. Hopefully we have a pretty active community here! So we recently had an issue where the portal became unresponsive for one person and it seems that they have this procedure where they reboot the server and then reassign the cals. Seems to me the cals should stick and maybe something is wrong. So at the risk of being disruptive or progressive, depending on your viewpoint, is this behavior to be expected? Should we have to always reassign the cals after a reboot.

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Re: New to QlikView with a Couple of Questions

CAL assignments should survive a server reboot.  I have never seen CAL's unassigning themselves on a reboot, maybe somebody else has.

Notwithstanding that what type of CAL's are they and what method do you assign them by.  Maybe a screen shot of the CAL assignment before & after a reboot would help.

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Re: New to QlikView with a Couple of Questions

I've seen the PGO files get corrupted and the CAL's are lost. This has only happened twice in 6 years so it is very rare.  We reboot the servers once a month and I don't think the corruption is due to a reboot. We used to back up the PGO files but stopped about a year ago because it was unnecessary

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Re: New to QlikView with a Couple of Questions

Thanks for the reply's. So I was instructed to navigate to this page and to one at a time select the qvw files on the left and assign cals to each and to check the box labeled "Allow dynamic Assignment". So I am assigning them on a document level? Is there a better way? Thanks.

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Re: New to QlikView with a Couple of Questions

Document CALs can be assigned only on document level.

Speaking of Document CALs - this is where you should be careful.  If you delete a document which has CALs assigned, the CALs are lost.  To restore, create a document (any, could be dummy) with the same name, un-assign CALs, and after that delete the document.  That is, you have to un-assign CALS before deleting a document.

Another advice.  If a reboot is for the purpose of cleaning memory, it is not necessary.  You'll be fine just by stopping and re-starting all QlikView Services.

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Re: New to QlikView with a Couple of Questions

So as an update I waitied until everyone had gone home for the day and I followed Michael's advice and just stopped the service to see if my document assigned cals would disappear. They did. Once I restarted the Server service they were gone. I reassigned them. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks

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